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posted by: Kim Chandler on 10/27/2015

Please pray for Patty Sims sister Linda Jones and family. Lindas husband Paul passed away this morning.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Kim Chandler on 10/8/2015

Bronson Radabaugh, 4th grade student at Stingel Elementary diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma--a type of bone cancer. Currently at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus for Chemo treatment. Will have to have surgery on his leg to remove the cancer.
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posted by: Itty George on 7/22/2015

Dear in Christ I am born again and a child God. Kindly pray for me to be healed completely by His stripes on cross. He took my sickness on cross years back so I will be healed by His stripes In Him Itty George
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please pray for my friend...
posted by: Joe on 12/14/2014

I'm hoping you can pass this along to the prayer team. Please continue praying for my friend, Misha, who is a born again believer, but knowingly and deliberately turning from God to conform to this world, and a life of lust, friends leading her into sin and away from Jesus Christ. Please pray that her heart be sweetly broken and she return to our Lord and Savior! Thank you so much!!
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I need a home or apartment for that month of November.
posted by: Wendy M on 11/1/2014

Dear God I have to find a place to leave for me and my son. I'm having difficulty finding a place that is not so expensive. My son is a teenager. Who goes to school. He is a senior this year. He also works too. We shared a room now. But we cannot stayed there anymore. Please guide me to find a better place for us. I have been looking. But all I find is high prices and bad areas. I live in Huntington now. My son goes to that Huntington High school. I work. I'm always working. I want to see that light. Last year for us was very bad. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you.
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grandfather stomach cancer healing
posted by: tabatha on 8/14/2014

Please pray for Dale Hagerty. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer today, and he is having stomach surgery to remove ¾ of this stomach next week. He will start chemo therapy as well. He is 65 years old. My Grandmother is almost 70. They need God’s strength and healing. Please pray the God’s will be done, but that God consider giving my grandfather more time here on earth healthy. If God chooses to take my grandfather home to heaven, God will need to help my grandmother endure it. My grandmother just lost her youngest daughter June 2013 in a motorcycle crash. Having her husband die of cancer as well would be very, very hard on her.
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Serious Accident
posted by: Angie Myers on 7/8/2014

Please pray for Shawn and Savannah Rogers (aprox. 1&3 yrs. old) They were in a bad auto accident and have been flown to Columbus. Shawn, the oldest is non-responsive. Please pray for them and their family.
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serious illnes
posted by: delbert hicks on 5/26/2014

pray for jean hicks complete recovery in shelby hospitol
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financial blessings
posted by: sony motwani on 4/7/2014

pls pray for financial blessings on me and my family and that my husband vinod is blessed with plenty of business work and that i can keep my house,thankyou.praise the lord.pls pray that i can always stay in my house.
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In need of an urgent prayer
posted by: Carlos Rosa on 6/30/2013

Please pray for me. My health is failing. I very worried & that ol devil keep my mind wondering in torment about my health status. I've been the hospital three times admitted twice & now I'm still with digestive discomfort & urine retention. I take alot of pain meds due to my illnesses. Please interceed on my behalf. Lord God have mercy upon me. Forgive me of my sins. Please remove what the enemy has planted. Hear my cries & please answer my prayer. In Jesus Name that heals, cures, protects & strengthen, Amen. Thank you for your time & prayer. God Bless You.
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