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Chuck Hightower
posted by: Missy Hightower on 8/8/2012

My husband Chuck has had two surgeries in the last 3wks on his foot, removing bone due to infection, caused by a callus caused by diabetes. He has nurses come into the home three times a week for wound vac therepy. After the first surgery he devolped a build up of fluid on the opposite knee and due to the excruciating pain and feeling like "he cant" has not been able to walk; leaving him bedfast to his chair. On 8/5/12 while Pastor Jerry was teaching on Big Faith, God spoke to me and told me to BOLDLY go to my husband and tell him to GET UP in JESUS NAME! I rushed out of service and when I got home what God had been speaking to me had already been manifested. Chuck had been walking on his own; unassisted!!! Earlier in the week, we had both been discouraged and our Faith was tested. Its easy to praise God when things are going well, isnt; it? God spoke to me and said, "Either you trust me or you don't." Through the Holy Spirit, I moved my mountain and am able to minister to my husband! Thank you Lord!!! I speak for Chuck also when I tell you, "we now have Faith and a Peace we had not had prior to this service." Chuck is now saying, "I can and I WILL, it may just take me a little longer." I am so thankful for the work God (and only God) is doing in both of our lives and I thank God for the teching we are receiving and our willingness to change. I have learned that It all starts with us as indiviuals AND A DECISION. God is raising his ppl up and I feel so blessed. Yes, we have faced some trials but it is through the trials and Gods Grace that keeps us persevering; and makes us into who God is making us to be. Everyone faces valleys but keep pressing on! MOVE THOSE MOUNTAINS!!! Gods' word says that he will NEVER LEAVE US! He says what he means and means what he says!! God never changes! HE HAS HEALED US PYHSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY AND HE CAN FOR YOU TOO!! Gods Blessings to you all! Missy Hightower
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assure me I will be accepted, to be born again in a new light. I need your prayers!!!
posted by: Seth Nergal on 6/26/2012

I have had an agnostic view my whole life. Never did I believe full-heartedly that there was one specific God to which I praise when there are hundreds of religions and thousands of gods throughout humanities feeble existence. I always questioned who was right, am I following the right path to divinities creature, or "our creator"? Is Buddha the the right one? Or do we as people not possess the power or knowledge to truly know... Faith is the answer. I have faith in myself, but this is not a divine faith. Unless we are all in charge of our own destiny, like God. I had a hard time accepting that asking for forgiveness would cleanse me of my sins and therefore be accepted by the one they call God. Im asking you to pray for me, sincerely I dont want to be damned because im a non-believer. In which I dont consider myself a non believer, because I know there is something else out there. But to be sure im not damned to an eternity in hell, im asking of you... Please pray for me, your fellow man. Bless you all, I would greatly appreciate this. I would feel so much better knowing that in todays age there is still good that exists, and it is possible to still change and avoid an eternity in hell.
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posted by: Phil on 3/30/2012

Please Pray my soul mate has already been prepared for me and I have already been prepared for my soul mate.Pray GOD unites me and my soul mate together real soon by any means necessary .Never been on a date or ever had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for this for at least 18 years. i will be 40 years old on March 31...Prov 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life..Thanks for Praying.
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posted by: Myrtle on 2/11/2012

Please add to your prayer request Betty Davis, she has been put on a respiratory.In JESUS Name Pray for complete Healing for Betty Davis.Thank You Prayer Warriors!!!
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posted by: sony on 12/22/2011

Dear lord, in the name of jesus, pls bless my husband vinod with finances, business work, travel, and wisdom in abundance and pls protect him from legal problems and anyone who wants to harm him.thankyou.praise the lord.
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