Video Sermons

Sermon: Building a Better Family: Part 1

Speakers: Pastor Jerry & Tracy Laudermilk  

Date: 9/26/2012

Description: In this message, Pastor Jerry & Tracy Laudermilk, explore what the Bible has to say about building a better family. In Part One, they look at three of ten steps toward making our families better. 

Sermon:  Whose fault is it?  

Speaker: Pastor Jerry Laudermilk  

Date: 9/9/2012

 Description: Whose fault is it that the nation is in the mess it's in? The Republican party? The Democratic party? Our current president? A former president? ...Or could it be that there is another answer? In this message from Sunday 9/9/2012 Pastor Jerry Laudermilk gives us the biblical answers to these questions and then explores the solution given in the Word of God, for our nation or any nation in turmoil.